FFL (French as a Foreign Language)


The main courses are delivered in French.
Additional practice courses are delivered in English.
Students will, by the end of their curriculum perfectly fluent in both languages.

Required entrance level in French language : DELF-B2

Acceptance at SupExup in a coaching week (prior to the start of the academic year) :

  • Welcome at Montpellier Airport
  • Accomodation on the campus
  • Coaching on French every day life
  • Assistance to all administrative processes
  • Introduction to public transport system in Montpellier

Minimal level accepted with a complementary 60 h. of French Language : DELF-B1 :

  • FFL : 20h./week, from july to september
  • 4h classes/ day in small working groups
  • Students can follow FFL in another agreed institute

Our FFL courses take place prior to the start of the academic year

They are lengthening on 8 weeks, from july 22, 2013 to september 6,2013.
Daily courses last 4 hours, in small groups.

Language mastering objectives

Students would get the whole language knowledge they need to follow up their university curriculum in French. They should obtain a DELF-B2 level in french language.
They would be able to master any situation they might have to face in France.


8 weeks FFL courses : 1120€
FFL + coaching : 1280€


For these 8 weeks period we propose short term rental for a studio on our campus. Please contact us for details.